Proctoring Service

If you need to have an exam proctored, the Akron Public Library can help!  You will need to do the following: 

1. Talk with your instructor about having the exam proctored through the Akron Public Library. Make sure you ask them about the dates you can access the exam and the materials you are allowed to bring.

2.  The instructor needs to contact us via phone or email.  They will give us the details as to which exam you are to access, the dates you may access it, the amount of time you have for the exam, the items you are allowed during the exam, etc.

3.  You need to contact the library to set up a time to take your exam.  You must set up an appointment with a librarian to take an exam so we can be sure we're properly staffed at that time. 


Please contact the library if you have further questions about this process. 
There is no charge to proctor exams.

Library Email:

Library telephone/fax: (712) 568-2601